Selling a business

Prefer to pioneer again, looking for a worthy successor or want to retire?

Selling a business: we provide oversight of the acquisition process all the way to contract negotiations and legal settlement.

Ready to sell your business?

The most important thing is that you yourself are ready to sell your business. This is difficult, because a business is never completely finished. With a good plan and reliable advice, we ensure a successful sale of your business. We ensure that the business sale ultimately leads to new opportunities.

Is my business marketable?

Is your own business ready to sell? Next Steps advises business owners what things need to be taken care of before you begin the sales process. Want a first impression of whether your business is sales-ready? Take the test: Is my business ready to sell?

Starting early to sell business

Starting early preparations for selling the business leads to a higher sales value. In our experience, business owners do not get informed until late. Contact us for an orientation discussion on all the ins and outs of the sales process.

You can calculate an initial estimate of the value of your business yourself with the online tool:

Calculate enterprise value directly

Management Buy-Out

A Management Buy-Out (MBO) is an acquisition in which the company or unit is taken over by incumbent management.

A Management Buy-Out proceeds just differently than a business sale to a strategic buyer. The process is longer, before the valuation and business transfer is addressed, a number of conversations and sessions are organized. It is important that the old and the new owner have, or develop, the same business vision. This prevents problems at a later stage.

When financing the acquisition, we look for a solution that is satisfactory to both parties. This often includes a subordinated loan from the owner. Together with our legal partners, we ultimately complete the deal.

Want to know more about selling your business? Let's have a make an appointment for a (digital) cup of coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about selling a business. Do you have further questions? Then you can always contact us.
What are common reasons for selling a business?

In general, the decision to sell a business is a complex one that depends on several factors such as the goals of the business, the (personal) goals of the entrepreneur, the financial situation and the state of the business.

Is financial gain a reason to sell a business?

One of the most common reasons to sell a business is to make a profit. Entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses often choose to sell their businesses to realize the financial benefits of their hard work and investments.

What are strategic decisions to sell a business?

Sometimes entrepreneurs sell their business as part of a strategic decision so they can focus on other areas of their business. For example, they sell a subsidiary or a non-core business. This allows them to focus on their strengths and invest in areas where they see more potential.

Why sell a business in the absence of funds?

Growing a business requires significant resources including time, money and expertise. Suppose you are an entrepreneur who does not have the resources to take a business to the next level. Then you can choose to sell it to a larger company with the right resources. They do have the ability to grow the business further.

Can I sell my business for retirement?

Many entrepreneurs start a business with the intention of selling it to finance their retirement. Selling a successful business provides a significant source of income and allows the entrepreneur to retire comfortably.

Can I sell my business if I have a dispute with my business partner?

Entrepreneurs choose to sell their business because of partnership disputes or other disagreements. Sometimes partners disagree on the direction of the business or other issues. That's when selling the business is the best option.

To what extent is burnout a reason to sell my business?

Building and running a successful business is exhausting. Both physically and mentally. As an entrepreneur, do you feel burned out or overwhelmed? Then you may choose to sell your business or take a break.

To what extent is family a reason to sell my business?

Business owners may choose to sell their business for family reasons. These reasons vary widely. Consider, for example: moving to another city or country to care for family members or spending more time with the family.

To what extent is lifestyle change a reason to sell my business?

Entrepreneurs sometimes choose to sell their business when they want a change in lifestyle. Consider a new hobby or traveling the world.

Selling company to consolidate industry, how does it work?

In some cases, the sale of a company may be part of and larger trend of industry consolidation. Sometimes competitors merge or acquire each other to gain a competitive advantage. In that case, a business owner may choose to sell his business to a larger player in the industry.

Is diversifying investments a reason to sell a business?

Entrepreneurs may sell their business as part of a strategy to diversify their investments. Or to expand into new markets. For example, they sell a successful business in one industry to invest in a new startup in another industry.

Can I sell my business as an exit strategy?

Entrepreneurs also choose to sell their business as part of an exit strategy. This may include selling to a private equity firm or another investor who can help take the company to the next level or prepare it for an initial public offering (IPO).


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