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Next Steps Supports entrepreneurs with purchase and sale of businesses

Next Steps helps entrepreneurs with the purchase and sale of businesses. We support a successful purchase or sale with a satisfied client. We are transparent and honest, communicating directly with the entrepreneur. Together with the entrepreneur, Next Steps ensures optimal value where all parties feel good about the transaction.

Experience in broad field

Next Steps was founded by four experienced entrepreneurs. Experience in a broad field: business start-up, business consulting and business transfer. We speak the language of entrepreneurs. Because we are ourselves.

Okkie Boot

During his working life, Okkie gained a lot of experience at different companies. In 2005, he decided to start his own company: the research company DirectResearch. After 14 years of entrepreneurship, he sold the company in 2019. He then wanted to pass on his knowledge and experience to other entrepreneurs. For the past three years at Thexton Armstrong, he has focused on entrepreneurs in the areas of business strategy and business transfer.

Okkie's motivation is supporting entrepreneurs with business transfers. As an entrepreneur, he knows it is an exciting time, where you need to have a good plan to be successful. Pitfalls lurk, which is why he advises every entrepreneur to hire an acquisition advisor in time.


He lives and works on his houseboat in Amsterdam, behind Artis. Regularly he hears the lions, elephants and monkeys; sometimes it seems as if he is in Africa. His daughters live independently in Amsterdam; his girlfriend Jacquelien Beijer is a goldsmith in the heart of Amsterdam. He loves sports: tennis, squash, cycling, swimming, skating.


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Since 2004 Peter has been helping entrepreneurs with business transfer with great pleasure and success. Peter makes contact easily. He listens well and makes connections between people and things. He has a strategic view, and always pays attention to practical feasibility. Not coincidentally, Peter is an avid chess player.

He has a good understanding of numbers and helps with financing questions. His goal is to give both buyer and seller a good feeling when transferring a business. Of course with a nice purchase price, based on future cash flows. For simple and complex valuations he does not turn his hand away. A strong point is that he speaks the language of the entrepreneur.


Peter is a stable, balanced personality who stands firmly in his shoes and is ready to face any situation. He lives with his partner in Maarn. He is not into fancy writing, and not corporate. A driven, energetic and motivated consultant with a realistic outlook.


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After a little wandering at various companies, Erik came "home" when he set up his own company in the life sciences: Docs International. In 10 years, Docs International grew from a one-person operation to a leading European provider of Clinical Research Associates (professionals who supervise Clinical Trials). When Erik sold his company in 2007, it employed 300 people in eight countries and had revenues of 30 million.

Immediately thereafter, he and a business partner founded SMS-oncology. SMS-oncology supports biotechnology companies in the EU with setting up and conducting the first studies in oncology patients with super innovative drugs. The company grew into a European contract research organization employing more than 100 highly skilled professionals. At the end of 2019, at a turnover of 10 million, the company was sold to an American similar company.

Meanwhile, Erik and his partner founded Domein Holset, BruisendWijnHuis van de Lage Landen, in 2009. From its own vineyards, 50,000 bottles of Dutch bubbles are produced in its own winery and sold to the better gastronomy and wine connoisseurs.


Nature, hiking in floodplains and mountains, mountain biking, culture and museums are Erik's hobbies. In addition, Erik writes about business development and business biographies. His three children live in Amsterdam and Nicaragua.


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Richard has always worked in environments where the market demands change and innovation. A good example is the new establishment and expansion of a Benelux office from Amsterdam for an international marketing company with 25 employees and clients such as Unilever and Philips. After more than 7 years, Richard sold his shares in this company and since 2018 focuses entirely on supporting SME entrepreneurs in business improvement and business transfer.


Richard lives with Marieke and his daughter of 22 in the beautiful city center of Amersfoort. He is a true bon vivant and can regularly be found in one of the cozy restaurants, at a theater or a concert. To keep fit, he is on a mountain bike on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug or in the gym. He also enjoys playing a game of golf or skiing in Italy.


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