Family business

Daughter or son to run the business? Or sale to an outside party?

The Netherlands has many family businesses. Next Steps assists family businesses in the transfer to daughters and/or sons. Or, if that is not possible, to an external party.

Sale to family

In the interest of good agreements, a family statute is often used. This is an agreement, in which the most important matters are laid down. The status is not a substitute for the shareholder agreement.

In the case of family members, financing is tailored to fit the possibilities. Consider a subordinated (family) loan or an earn-out arrangement.

As a rule, the process of selling to family is a longer one. Responsibilities are transferred over time, and when everyone is ready, the business transfer really comes into view.

How do you arrange an outside business acquisition?

Lack of a good successor is a major reason for selling the family business to an outside party. If there is no successor within the family, there is sometimes disappointment about this. In a exploratory talk we indicate the possibilities.

An exploratory discussion about transferring a family business?

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